My best place to get my hair braided

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  • Posted: February 19, 2018

    Zs a hairstylist I am VERY picky when it comes to my child’s hair. My main thing when someone else is doing her hair is that she is comfortable and has a great experience. Marie (Winners Hair braiding Salon)was AMAZING! Yes she had to reschedule at the last minute but thats just life, Ish happens. The thing about getting your hair braided is it takes a while, as in 3-4 hours and in some places longer. You want to be able to enjoy being in the presence of your stylist for hours on end. Winners Hair braiding could not have been more humble, warm, inviting, diligent and FAST! She was finished with my daughters super thick hair in about 4.5 hours. My daughter tool about three or four 15 minute breaks because she is 7 and cant sit still for that long with out getting antsy. Winners Hair braiding constantly checked on her as she worked, talked to her and treated her like a person not just a kid. Her work is Incomparable, price range was very very affordable and The overall experience was very pleasant. You have to consider the stress on a persons hands, wrists, arms, back, and feet to stand there for hours braiding your hair! She deserves the price she asks!
    For me, Winners Hair braiding Salon located in Decatur GA will always be my best place to braid.